ezma cashmere with gold shawl

EZMA’s luxury lifestyle products are crafted from the world’s finest cashmere using traditional as well as ultra modern methods to deliver some of the finest most luxurious fabrics. Inspired with passion to exude warmth and elegance, these authentic, hand woven seasonal collections, incorporate the highest standards of purity with the exquisite craftsmanship of highly skilled artisans.

Each year EZMA produces a bespoke collection for those discerning few who appreciate and enjoy the luxury of single and limited edition masterpieces. Some of these pieces include rare Vicuna and Kashmiri Kaani shawls and scarves that have been hand woven in-house by skilled Kashmiri master weavers. These ultrafine must have wraps, with over 600 days of hand workmanship, are exquisitely embroidered and decorated and perfectly showcase EZMA’s magnificent Indian legacy of creating much coveted luxury cashmere products of extraordinary lightness and breathtaking artistry.